Code of Ethics Statement and Requirement of All Members

For TACCA – Greater San Antonio

This Code of Standards of Conduct for members of the Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association – Greater San Antonio (TACCA – Greater San Antonio), has been created to promote and maintain the highest standards of association service and personal conduct among its members. Adherence to these standards is required for membership in the association and serves to assure public confidence in the integrity and service of our member companies.

  1. To the best of my ability, I will provide clients with products and services as represented in my company's agreements, proposals and advertisements. This includes monitoring the actions of my employees to see that they adhere to these representations.
  2. Adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the Texas Contractor's Licensing Law and to all City, State and Federal laws and regulations governing our industry and to the best of my ability, monitor my employees to see that they are made aware of all such rules and regulations and that they actively endeavor to follow them.
  3. Assist in notifying the proper authorities to support the Texas Air Conditioning Contractor's License Law.
  4. Provide my clients written information concerning all warranties and guarantees for the products and services that my company provides and any manufacturer's warranties.
  5. Take appropriate action on all equipment and product factory recalls that I have been notified of by the manufacturer.
  6. Employ those sales practices which will provide my clients with a true picture of their options.
  7. Abide by and support the Bylaws of TACCA - Greater San Antonio.
  8. To continually strive to gain respect for the industry, both in the local community and national levels.
  9. To make the largest contribution possible to the health, safety and welfare of the public in the installation, maintenance and operation of HVACR equipment.
  10. To advertise and sell the merits of my products and refrain from attacking competitors or reflecting unfairly on their products, services or methods of doing business.
  11. To reveal all material facts, to avoid concealment of information and refrain from the use of innuendos in advertising and selling that might cause customers to be misled, so that the truth about services or products may be fully understood by the trusting, as well as the analytical.
  12. To design or build in a manner compatible in every respect with public health and safety and to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances or regulations.
  13. To fulfill all contractual obligations, to offer a reasonable warranty of products and services and to perform on such warranty, either written or implied, where justifiable claims are in order and to do this without hesitation.